"In most conflicts, the main point of the problem consists of getting people to talk and listen to one another." Howard Raiffa

The Reid Group Mediation Services is the company that helps people resolve disputes.  We offer assistance with the resolution of conflict that leads to respectful communication and a durable agreement without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation.  

Offices in Seattle, Bellevue and Puyallup

Providing mediation services for:

  • divorcing couples
  • workplace disputes
  • families
  • elders
  • communities

Frequently-asked Questions

What is mediation?
Mediation is an informal, confidential and voluntary process that uses a trained impartial third party--a mediator--to help the participants develop informed decisions and mutually acceptable agreements.

How does it work?
Mediation is often used in any conflict involving business, family and organizational relationships as well as issues of divorce or legal separation.  Conflicts and disagreements are discussed one at a time and various options and solutions are explored. Decisions are made by the clients which allows them to keep control of their lives.

What are the benefits?

  • Participants make all final decisions
  • Minimizes emotional stress
  • Less time-consuming than litigation
  • Eliminates high legal fees
  • Maintains the best possible long term relationships; therefore everyone benefits
  • Mediation does not reward posturing or taking extreme or ridiculous positions
  • It is confidential, thus avoiding public disclosure of personal problems

Can mediation help businesses?
Family and other small businesses may fear public exposure of difficulties. Mediation offers participants an opportunity to resolve conflicts in a private and confidential setting. The mediator has no decision-making power. All decision-making power is retained by the principals of the business. Short- and long-term goals are carefully considered. The results are constructive for the individuals involved and for the business as a whole.

Can mediation help families?
Family members involved in mediation have the opportunity to explore key issues in a respectful environment and consider various approaches to resolve outstanding issues while enhancing the family dynamic.

What if couples reach a decision to divorce or legally separate?
People trying to keep their lives under control during this difficult time can realize great benefits from mediation. Mediators help couples resolve conflicts involving parenting plans, and child and spousal support, as well as their property settlement including all assets and liabilities Mediators help couples separate their spousal roles, which are ending, from their parental roles, which are continuing. Clients learn to evaluate their present financial conditions and to provide for their future financial needs.

With the mediator's help, temporary agreements can be reached to handle immediate concerns. Couples may then negotiate long-range agreements.

Can mediation help divorced or legally-separated parents face changing circumstances?
When post-divorce modifications are needed, parents welcome having a safe, impartial environment to discuss parenting and support issues. When appropriate and desired, mediation may also include other important persons in a family, such as stepparents.

What are your rates?
The Reid Group Mediation Services rates are reasonable. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 206-432-3568 or e-mail us at help@reidgroupmediation.biz.

Our Mediators

John Reid, is one of the partners in Reid Group Mediation Services.  John has worked as a mediator for more than 15 years in business, educational, interpersonal and non-profit settings.  He holds Master degrees in Divinity and Administration from the University of Notre Dame, has received mediation training from the University of Washington Law School and is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  John believes that mediation is the most effective dispute resolution process for people because the parties retain control of the decision-making and the process is less time consuming and costly than arbitration or litigation. 

Tom Reid is a partner with The Reid Group and has more than thirty years of experience working in personal and organizational development, helping leaders, groups and organizations address challenges and enhance performance.  Tom received his mediation training from the University of Washington Law School and holds membership in the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Comments from former clients

Hardball issues handled in a loving and delicate way for realistic results.
Business client

Mediation is the best option if a divorce must happen. I found the mediation process promoted fairness between us . . . I would definitely recommend Reid Group Mediation to a friend.
Divorce client

What I like most about the mediation was to be able to sit down in a comfortable office and discuss issues without the tension that I would expect to have had we hired our own attorney.
Jennifer A.

The mediation helped us maintain a reasonable attitude toward one another in a sometimes unreasonable situation.
Family client

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